Academics Committee


Review proposals and make recommendations to the Faculty Senate regarding the creation, suspensions, and cancellation of academic programs, policies, degrees, and courses.


  • Matthew Heitzman (CAS, English), Chair
  • Foram Bhukhanwala (School of Education)
  • Michael Dwyer (CAS, Media & Communications)
  • Jodi Freeman (CHS, Medical Science)
  • Daniel Pieczkolon (CAS, English)
  • Michelle Reale (Landman Library)
  • Emily Marshall (CAS, Computer Science & Mathematics) (Non-Senator Appointed Member)
  • Sarah Woldoff (School of Education) (Non-Senator Appointed Member)


Academics Committee Correspondence

All questions for the Academics Committee should be sent to  All proposal materials should be sent to the Committee through the online submissions forms.

Senate Academics Committee - Submissions Portal 

All proposals submitted for review by the Academics Committee should be sent using the following forms. Printed proposals will no longer be accepted for review by the Committee.

Academics Committee Deadlines

If you wish to offer a new course for the first time it does not have to be reviewed by the Academics Committee, unless the course is a specific requirement for a major or minor. First-time offered courses are given a temporary number of either a 185, 285 or 385 such as US285.  However, first-time courses that are required for a major or minor, which must be reviewed by the Academic Committee, would have a permanent number assigned.

If you wish to offer a 185, 285 or 385 for a second time it needs to be reviewed by the Academics Committee.  The deadline for Spring 2022 course proposals has passed.  The course proposal system will re-open in January 2022. The deadline for submitting a Fall 2022 course proposal is Tuesday, February 1, 2022. This is a true deadline.

Additionally, this year the Academics Committee is setting a deadline for all other Fall 2021 proposals including new program proposals, program revision proposals, and program suspensions. All proposals for Fall 2021 review should be submitted by Monday, November 15, 2021. This is a true deadline. Any proposals submitted after this date will be reviewed in the Spring 2022 semester.

New AUC Designations for Spring 2022 Courses

The deadline to submit a proposal for an AUC Designation for a Spring 2022 course is Friday, September 17, 2021. This is a true deadline. Please send submissions to Alex Otieno.  Below is a list of all the curriculum directors if you have any questions about a designation.


AUC Curriculum Directors and Coordinators

Please contact the following members of the Steering Committee if you have any further questions about specific areas of the Curriculum.

  • AUC Steering Committee Chair: Alex Otieno, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences,
  • Director of First-Year Academic Experience: Rachel Collins (English),
  • Director of University Seminars: Christopher Varlack (English),
  • Director of Global Connections: Jojo Lucena (Modern Languages),
  • Director of University Writing:  Jennifer Matisoff (English),
  • Visual Literacy Coordinator: Adam Hess (Library),
  • Quantitative Reasoning Coordinator: Logan Fields (Psychology),

Additional Forms

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