Marketing Division

The marketing of Arcadia University is an integrative approach to promote its colleges, schools, programs, and initiatives. All marketing goals and resources for Arcadia University are set forth University Relations and Enrollment Management.

The Marketing Division is comprised of strategic and creative University professionals with the expertise to help realize collective institutional goals. This division is charged with developing a strategic marketing plan for the institution and working with individual units (academic, external) to execute campaigns to drive toward those goals. Each campaign must be: created by quality market research, constructed to build the momentum of all University efforts, implemented to high brand standards, managed within budgeted allowance, and assessed for its return on investment.

Working in collaboration across the Arcadia community, the Marketing Division will:

  • Provide expertise and project planning to all marketing initiatives;
  • Funnel requests for advertising/sponsorship for consideration;
  • Set and maintain guidelines and standards of the University initiatives;
  • Assess initiatives and make recommendations to the VPs for marketing plan consideration.

Outside Advertising Inquiries

All requests from external entities to promote the University in advertising, sponsorship, or endorsements must be forwarded to Marketing Division for consideration.