M.B.A. Students Blog from Greece

By schwartzsa | February 8, 2011

On Saturday, Jan. 8, 10 M.B.A. students from Cohort 12 arrived in Athens, Greece, for a weeklong international experience that included visits with business professionals at Microsoft Innovation Center, U.S. Commercial Services, Enolia Premium Capital, Hellenic Telecommunications Organization and the National Bank of Greece.

Francesca from Cohort 12, blogs about the unique experience visiting the Hellenic Shipyards in Athens.

“The company visit to Hellenic Shipyards was amazing. I never thought I’d see where they make submarines, but I did through Arcadia! Hellenic Shipyards is the largest shipyard in the Mediterranean Sea, and they are very well positioned. They have the largest dry dock in the Mediterranean Sea, and their competitive advantage is the construction of military vessels. It was awesome to see where these ships and submarines are made and to learn about the ship building process. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has the opportunity visit this site.”

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