Dr. Paola Cascinelli, Arcadia’s Resident Director in Italy, Pens Upcoming Book Chapters

By Frankie Arnold | November 28, 2023
Headshot of Dr. Paola Cascinelli.

Dr. Paola Cascinelli, resident director in Italy for Arcadia’s College of Global Studies, will have her recent research focused on international networks in higher education published in two upcoming works. 

Cascinelli’s work appears in a chapter of the forthcoming volume “Digital Internationalization in Higher Education: Beyond Virtual Exchange,” titled Creating an Impactful Virtual Exchange Experience – Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Case Studies from the Field, with an expected publication date of December 2023. This resource explores the intersection of technology, sustainability, and global learning as they pertain to international higher education. Cascinelli’s contribution is focused on analyzing and learning from the Global Virtual Internship program she coordinates for Arcadia Abroad.  

Additionally, her work can be found in another book chapter titled Advantages, Disadvantages, and Main Actors of Internships, which will be published by the end of the year in the upcoming volume “Cross-cultural Undergraduate Internships: A Toolkit for Empowering the Next Generation.” Starting with the Curricular Internships she runs for Arcadia Abroad, the toolkit aims to respond to the needs of institutions, businesses, and host organizations by providing information on designing a complete and formative internship experience.

Dr. Cascinelli supervises the online activities of The College of Global Studies at Arcadia. She also coordinates the Virtual Global Internship program for Arcadia, a program dedicated to creating a network of professional learning globally. Dr. Cascinelli also supervises Arcadia’s partners in Italy in order to ensure an experiential and engaging study abroad experience.