Michael and Christensen to Present at International Conference on Higher Education

By Sue Gettlin | May 15, 2012

Dr. Steve Michael, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Dr. Nicolette Christensen, Vice President for The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University, are scheduled presenters at the second annual International Conference on Global Advancement of Universities and Colleges (GAUC). This year’s conference will take place at Voronezh State University in Voronezh, Russia, Wednesday, May 23, through Friday, May 25. Michael is a conference co-founder and a conference chair. He and Dr. Christensen will do a joint presentation titled “Study Abroad: Prospects and Challenges.”

Global higher education issues will be discussed over the three-day conference, including:

  • Common problems of the globalization of higher education
  • Strategic approaches to internationalization of education
  • International and regional diversity
  • Expansion of institutional cooperation
  • New technology in higher education
  • The quality of education and international accreditation
  • The mission of higher education in the modern world
  • The international network of universities

The conference is sponsored by Arcadia University, Voronezh State University, Xi’an International University (Xi’an, China), Peking University (Beijing, China), Association of Classical Universities of Russia (Moscow, Russia), Association of Black Sea Higher Education Leaders (Russia) and Danubius University (Romania). Participating universities and associations include Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium of Higher Education (SEPCHE), Holy Family University (Philadelphia), American Graduate School (Paris) and Moscow State University.

Presenters and attendees are expected from United States, France, Russia, Romania and China. Local presenters include Elizabeth Moy, Executive Director of Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortia for Higher Education (SEPCHE), and Dr. Leanne Owen from Holy Family University in Philadelphia.

Founded in 1918, Voronezh State University has a student population of 23,000, 118 University departments and 5 major research institutes. The city of Voronezh is home to over 30 higher education establishments, providing training for over 120,000 students in various specializations. Voronezh State University participates in international scientific and educational programs, and partners with European and American foundations such as UNESCO, TEMPUS, TACIS, IREX, DAAD, Open Society Institute as well as with universities in France, Germany, UK, USA, Spain, Czechia, Estonia and China.

Last year’s conference took place at Xi’an University. The conference drew 120 attendees from around the world. Forty-nine presentations were given over the two-day conference.