Hilary Parsons Dick Contributes to ‘Anthropology News’

By JoLynne Bremmer | November 29, 2012

In September, Dr. Hilary Parsons Dick, Assistant Professor of International Studies, participated in an online conversation hosted by Anthropology News about language and immigration issues in the United States and Israel. And in October, Anthropology News published a column she produced from the conversation titled “Self-Deportation as Neoliberal Cautionary Tale,” which explores how policies of “self-deportation,” such as Arizona’s HB1070, extend the disturbing effects of the existing “free market” approaches to immigration control.

The column is part of an ongoing project Dick is developing examining state and municipal anti-immigration policies in the U.S., and it extends arguments she made in an article published last year by the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology called “Making Immigrants Illegal in Small Town USA.”

In October, she presented the ideas in the column at a workshop with Drs. Ana Maria Garcia and Jeff Schultz at the Association of American Colleges and University’s Modeling Equity conference.