Preview Photo Contest: Submit Your Best Pics

By jretter | March 23, 2015

Building an aquaponics system in the Dominican Republic, trekking through volcanoes in the Philippines, and exploring Les Misérables-style scenes of revolution in Paris are just a few of the experiences during Preview that beg to be shared. Tell your stories with brilliant color, vivid textures, and gripping perspectives in the 2015 Preview Photo Contest.

This year’s contest gives students the chance to win prizes and have their photographs published online and possibly in an Arcadia brochure.


The contest has three themes:

  • Culture: Capture a moment in which you’re engaging in the culture, making new friends, or discovering a part of the world you never knew existed.
  • Perspective: Express your creativity by uniquely capturing yourself or friends in your new host country.
  • Discovery: What did you learn? Show a learning moment in a photo.


Winners will be announced at Global Expo, which takes place on Friday, April 10, from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Commons. Prizes include $500 travel vouchers courtesy of Student Universe, as well as Arcadia gear.


You may submit up to 10 photos. They should be high-resolution (at least 1 MB). Be sure to include your full name, class year, major, Preview location, and a caption for each picture. All photographs submitted may be used to promote programs worldwide.

The deadline to submit photographs is April 3, 2015.