HAPS Alumni Discuss Career Development, Offer Networking Advice

By RetterJ | October 26, 2016

On Oct. 24, the Department of Historical and Political Studies invited the following alumni to discuss their professional work, career development, and scholarly accomplishments with students, faculty, and staff:

  • Caitlin DuBois ’13, History, Art Consultant at Merritt Gallery
  • Niki Edwards ’14, International Studies, Administrative Assistant at Green & Spiegel Law
  • Maggie Keenan ’14, International Studies, Director of Development & Membership at World Affairs Council of Philadelphia
  • Sheri Rybczyk ’16, International Studies, Client Relationship Specialist at Vanguard
  • Gabby Thomas ’14, Global Legal Studies, Site Director at TeenSHARP Delaware
  • Amanda Vogelei ’14, History, Administrative Specialist at Mercer County Community College
  • Melanie Weiland ’15, International Studies, intern at Think Tanks and Civil Societies, University of Pennsylvania
  • Zachary Wynkoop ’12, Political Science, Assistant District Attorney at Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office

Additionally, the panelists offered career advice and networking tips to seniors preparing for life after graduation. Emphasizing the range of job opportunities available to students pursuing a degree in historical and political studies, alumni shared strategies for marketing one’s strengths and skills to prospective employers.

“The panelists gave illustrative examples of how they figured out their career directions and built professional competencies, such as networking and resume writing to achieve their goals,” said Marissa Deitch, director of Career Education.

And, since many soon-to-be graduates are filled with a sense of nervousness as they embark on their careers, alumni panel events provide examples of how to funnel that energy into a job search.

“This event continues to reassure students that, though the transition into the working world is inevitably fraught with anxiety, that anxiety is normal,” said Peter Siskind, chair of the Department of Historical and Political Studies. “By being proactive and strategic, good job search results can and often do happen.”