#ArcadiaStrong: 28 Tips for Social Distancing

By Jen Retter | March 20, 2020

We asked our Instagram followers to share the social-distancing tips and recommendations they’ve developed over spring break. 


1. “Stay home to finally catch up on some well-deserved sleep! #napgoals”

2. “Paint by numbers :)” 

3. “Check in with your friends who are coming home from abroad. Texting is your best friend now.” 

4. “Make a schedule to stay in a routine, and make sure [to] get out and walk [your] dog once a day!” 

5. “Discord for group videochats. Netflix offers a Chrome extension to watch movies together.” 

6. “Group FaceTime!” 

7. “[I’m] celebrating getting my acceptance letter to Arcadia!” 

8. “FitOn app has many at-home workout ideas.”

9. “Create at-home challenges with friends to stay active and connected.”

10. “[I’m] working on baseball in whatever ways I can while my training methods are limited.”

11. “Still go outside! Take a walk or sit on your patio. Something to get fresh air.” 

12. “Order your food online!” 

13. “Advanced Uno.” 

14. “Have online parties instead of gatherings.” 

15. “Just play video games.” 

16. “Arts and crafts.” 

17. “Clean because there’s nothing else to do.” 

18. “Diamond art/5D art!”

19.  “[For me], getting into grad school. Gives me some motivation to finish my thesis.” 

20. “Become TikTok famous.”

21. “Get out and get active! Yes you can leave your house. Hit the trails and enjoy Mother Nature!” 

22. “Take all this free time to practice good self-care!”

23. “Go through your room and clean out old clothes, shoes, items, etc. to donate!”

24. “[I’m] making early plans for my first semester at Arcadia in the fall.” 

25. “Send letters to friends.”

26. “Go for a walk. Really just get some fresh air and sun.” 

27. “Stay active! Get out and run!” 

28. “I’m using my free time studying for the application!” (Nicole is applying as an international student from Brazil—send her good vibes!)