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The graduate program in Counseling prepares highly qualified mental health clinicians for positions in community mental health centers, hospitals, other health agencies, and business and industry settings. Courses provide the history, theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy, and students are given ample opportunity to integrate coursework with firsthand experience by learning and practicing skills needed to be highly effective, culturally competent and ethical providers of mental healthcare to diverse populations. Graduates use their ever-growing base of knowledge and skills to provide evidence-based therapy to achieve positive clinical outcomes.

The program is accredited by the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council.

Primary Program Philosophies

  • Training in evidence-based counseling practices to provide students with background in current research-supported treatments
  • Comprehensive multicultural curriculum, including labs, facilitate holistic understanding of clients and learn how culture affects treatment
  • Self-awareness in students so that they can understand how they impact the counseling relationship and process
  • Culture of feedback which encourages students to respond to the program and actively shape their graduate school experience
  • Attention to self-care and students’ well-being to ensure ethical and sustainable practices

Program Strengths

  • Award-winning program, faculty, and students
  • Variety of concentrations available with flexibility in coursework offered
  • Small classes that allow for skill-based instruction
  • Opportunity to adapt the pace of the program to your life circumstances
  • Close relationships with faculty members and numerous opportunities to obtain guidance
  • Mentoring program with one faculty member who can help structure your graduate experience
  • Peer mentoring program that connects incoming students with more advanced students
  • Supportive community atmosphere that facilitates growth and learning

Unique Professional Opportunities

  • Education about how to market yourself and develop a strong professional identity
  • Opportunities to work on research projects with faculty members and/or complete a master’s thesis
  • Students receive a $500 Arlene Snyder Professional Development Fund to attend conferences and workshops in order to network with other professionals and expand your knowledge base.
  • Resources such as professional development opportunities, job listings, community events, and up-to-date information concerning key aspects of the counseling field available via counseling program website
  • Opportunity to take a free preparatory workshop for the National Counselor Exam (NCE) on campus

The Profession

Master’s-level counseling professionals are part of the mental health care field. They are practitioners skilled in the art of behavior assessment and change. These skills are utilized in a variety of professions, including business, education, medicine, mental health, allied human services, and social services. Mental health delivery is a thriving field and offers many opportunities for personal and professional growth in a variety of settings. The demands of today’s society make this field one of continued growth.

Arcadia’s graduates are prepared to meet the current and future needs of the profession. The program is structured to develop professional level competence in the following:

  • therapeutic techniques 
  • use of diagnostic nomenclature 
  • psychological assessment 
  • consultation and educational strategies 
  • knowledge of and adherence to professional ethical standards 
  • interpersonal and cultural sensitivity

Scholarships and Graduate Assistant Positions

The Counseling program offers a limited number of scholarships to exemplary applicants based on merit and commitment to multiculturalism. These awards range from $1,000 to $5,000. Students can also apply for paid graduate assistant positions within the Counseling program and in other offices across the university.