Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)

Arcadia’s Educational Leadership M.Ed. Executive program provides education leaders with the skills and approaches to improve their own leadership and to help make that vision a reality. This master’s degree program and/or the Supervisory Certification (Principal, Supervisory of Special Education, Curriculum & Instruction and Pupil Personnel)  is an ideal course of study for those looking to become system-level leaders as well as those currently in leadership roles who wish to advance their professional knowledge.

*Arcadia University's Superintendent Letter of Eligibility program and its courses are approved to meet the requirements for Act 45/PIL (PA Inspired Leadership Program).  

The Educational Leadership program prepares graduates for:

  • Leadership positions in public and private/independent schools
  • Teaching and executive positions at public and private/independent schools
  • Leadership positions at educational profit and non-profit organizations
  • Leadership positions at community-based organizations that work with public and private educational institutions

Executive Program Model

  • Complete in one year or at your own pace  
  • Program courses are accelerated (6-9 weeks)
  • Ability to complete your Master’s Degree and/or Supervisory Certification requirements in one program
  • A program schedule with designated class meeting days and times that remain constant throughout your program to provide you with the ability to plan your personal and work commitments.