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About the Minor in Religion

Psychologist and philosopher William James defined religion broadly as human experience insofar as we see ourselves related to whatever we regard as the divine part of human nature. Such a definition reaches beyond religious institutions, doctrines, and philosophies to include “the feelings, acts, and experiences” of the individual in relation to that which is sacred (James 1902, 31).  

Following this line of thinking, Religious Studies courses at Arcadia critically explore the following perennial questions: How do we search for and make meaning – as individuals and in groups? Who are we, why are we here, and what is our place in and relation to the universe? What practices and thought processes do we use to explore these and other questions? Religious Studies at Arcadia is interdisciplinary in nature, global in perspective, and innovative in approach. The Religious Studies Minor intersects and makes connections with all majors in the Department of Historical and Political Studies and with a variety of majors across campus.

Minor Requirements