Orientation Leader Frequently Asked Questions

What types of characteristics or abilities are you looking for in Orientation Leader candidates?

There is no typical Orientation Leader. OLs come from a wide variety of backgrounds and possess a wealth of experiences. Successful OLs are new student-focused, invested in their own leadership development, and committed to the Arcadia community.

Where can I find the Orientation Leader application?

The Orientation Leader application is located on KnightLife (you will need to be logged in to complete the form). Click here for instructions on how to activate your account. The application can be found here.

What is the selection process like?

You can find a detailed description of the selection process here. If you have additional questions, email orientation@arcadia.edu.

Can I still apply if I am going to be studying abroad in the spring semester?

Yes! You will need to submit the application by the December 4 deadline. When your application is complete, you will receive information about scheduling your individual interview. You can expect to have your individual interview between December 4 and December 12. You will not be expected to participate in a group interview.

Since you’ll be missing spring and maybe May training, you’ll participate in a special training session before fall training begins. If you will return before May training (May 8-11), we invite you to participate in the training program. It’s a highlight of the experience.

Do I need previous experience as a leader to be an OL?

No, you do not need to have had past leadership experience. You do need a desire to build leadership skills and a commitment to Arcadia.

Are all OLs extroverted?

There’s no doubt that orientation is high-energy, but many of our OLs consider themselves introverts. Just as each member of the incoming class is different, so is our team. The orientation team’s strength lies in its diversity.

Can I be a Resident/Commuter Assistant and an Orientation Leader at the same time?

Yes! OLs who are also RAs or CAs are able to participate as “summer OLs.” You will participate in spring and May training and complete your OL responsibilities during Summer Orientation. This means you must be available to complete at least 4 Summer Orientation days.

How are Orientation Leaders trained?

Orientation training is comprehensive and designed to build your leadership skills, develop our team, and prepare you to do your job as an OL. Orientation Leaders participate in 3 Sunday training sessions throughout the spring semester (specific dates are TBA) where we focus on building a strong foundation of leadership skills. After finals in May, OLs will take part in a 4-day training, including an off-campus team retreat to prepare for Summer Orientation and to continue building our team. Prior to fall orientation, OLs move in early to participate in an intensive final training to prepare for the arrival of new students. Training is fun and informative!

Can I still apply if I live far away and can’t come to summer orientation?

Yes! We work with students from a distance or those with extenuating circumstances preventing them from participating in summer orientation. It is important to let us know during the application process if this is your situation. Regardless of distance, you are expected to work the entirety of Fall Orientation and participate in all scheduled trainings.

How do I choose my references?

You should choose two references who will support your candidacy. One must be a faculty/staff member and the other must be a peer. In the past, candidates have asked professors, advisors, work-study supervisors, resident/commuter assistants, their Orientation Leaders, teammates, etc. If you’re having a difficult time identifying a reference, email orientation@arcadia.edu and we can help you think of potential references. It is your responsibility to ensure that your references have submitted the forms by December 8th.

I’m a student in the Fall FYSAE program, can I apply to be an OL?

Yes! Students studying abroad in the Fall FYSAE program are welcome to apply. You will complete the application using the timeline outlined in the selection process overview. You may ask your professors or advisors from Stirling or London to serve as references. We are also aware that you won’t have your GPAs on file before the time of hire and that’s okay. We will work with you. If you have a difficult time with the process, email orientation@arcadia.edu and we will work with you.

Do Orientation Leaders get paid?

While Orientation Leaders do not get a monetary stipend, there is a lot of value in becoming an OL. In addition to free food, t-shirts, and fun, Orientation Leaders gain valuable leadership skills, such as communication, relationship building, time management, facilitation and more. Serving as an OL is a professional experience that you can place on your resume and will prepare you for future roles, including internships and professional positions.

What is a Summer Orientation day like for an Orientation Leader?

Summer Orientation days can be long and tiring for both new students and Orientation Leaders, but they are also very rewarding. As an OL, you have a unique opportunity to truly impact the new students’ transitions to Arcadia by facilitating relationships and providing valuable information about being an Arcadia student. One of our team members, Olivia, wrote an article explaining what it means to be an OL on a Summer Orientation day. Check it out here!