New Graduate Student Deposits

Submit Your Deposit(s) Online

Avoid having your deposit submission for one of Arcadia's competitive graduate or doctoral programs delayed in the mail. Submit your deposit payment online via Arcadia's secure online payment system, following the directions below.

Second deposits must be made by the required deadline for a spot to be held (if a program requires a second deposit, the first deposit alone does not ensure you a spot in the class.)  Please note that depositing does not officially ensure you a spot in a graduate program without formal review and confirmation of receipt by an Enrollment Management staff member.


Accepted forms of payment are by credit card (Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express), or by checking or savings account. Deposits are credited against the student's charges for the following semester but are not refundable should the student not enter the University on the date for which he or she is accepted. Deposit amounts are listed below by program (click link to submit deposit):

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership $500  
Doctor of Physical Therapy $500 $1,000
Master of Arts in Counseling $200  
Master of Arts in International Peace & Conflict Resolution $500 $1,000
Master of Business Administration $250  
Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing $200  
Master of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies $500 $1,000
Master of Public Health/Health Education $200  
Master of Science in Forensic Science $500  $1,000
Master of Science in Genetic Counseling $500