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Nothing speaks more highly for a university than successful alumni who enthusiastically serve and support it. When you volunteer at Arcadia or with the Alumni Association, you not only lend your time and talents to our efforts, but you contribute to the future success of our students and programs.

Learn more about the volunteer opportunities available to you below, and consider joining the hundreds of alumni who volunteer each year in alumni and student programs, events, committees, and boards.

Alumni Career Mentor Program

The relationships that are built throughout a professional and personal journey are some of the most important influences on an individual’s success and happiness. As such, it is very important to help students create these mentoring relationships, and who could be better to provide this assistance than alumni who once sat in the very place Arcadia students are in today?

Through the Alumni Career Mentor Program, you have the opportunity to be matched with current Arcadia students and other alumni based on similar interests, majors, geographic location, and career goals. It is a great way for you to share your experience and expertise with the next generation of Arcadians.

Learn more about the Alumni Career Mentor Program.

Knights and Squires Program

The Knights and Squires Program is a joint initiative of the Alumni Association and the Office of Enrollment Management launched in 2014. Through the program, Arcadia alumni volunteer as Knights, welcoming newly-enrolled students (Squires) into the Arcadia community. As a Knight, you will provide support and friendship to our incoming students and future alumni.

Knights and Squires is a casual, networking program where alumni reach out and make connections with our newly-enrolled students during the time period between their deposit and the start of their first year at Arcadia. Once a connection is made, the bond will continue in whatever way works best for the Knight and Squire.

Knights and Squires is a great way for recent graduates and young alumni to get started in your first alumni volunteer role. To learn how you can volunteer, please complete the Alumni Volunteer Interest Form.

Alumni Speakers and Hosts

Throughout the year, the Alumni Association offers opportunities for you to share your expertise, advice and career success stories with alumni and current Arcadia students at Alumni Career Services workshops, professional development seminars, industry panel discussions, and networking events. Opportunities to participate occur both on campus and in your local area.

In addition, alumni often open their homes and businesses for alumni get-togethers, reunions, tours, behind-the-scenes exclusives, and more.

To learn how you can volunteer, please complete the Alumni Volunteer Interest Form.

Alumni Association Leadership

The Arcadia University Alumni Association is governed by its Steering Committee and Leadership Council. These bodies oversee the implementation of policies and programs that benefit the entire Arcadia and Beaver College alumni body. Find out more about Alumni Association leadership opportunities.

Alumni Clubs and Groups

Do you have a particular interest around which you would like to organize a group of alumni? Would you like to help organize Arcadia alumni activities in your geographic region? Are you interested in connecting with fellow alumni from your major, academic department, college, or school? The Alumni Association can help you get started!

To learn how you can volunteer to help organize a new alumni group or get involved with an existing one, please complete the Alumni Volunteer Interest Form.

Class Officers and Reunion Volunteers

As a class officer or reunion committee member, you’ll take on the important responsibilities of representing and leading your classmates in activities which include planning reunion events, supporting class fundraising efforts, soliciting and editing “Class Notes” for the Arcadia magazine, and more.

To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of class officers, visit Class Officers and Reunion Volunteers. To receive more information, please complete the Alumni Volunteer Interest Form.