College of Arts and Sciences

Meet HAPS Students

Josephine Lippincott '16

History & International Studies major

Josephine Lippincott’s primary academic passion when she came to Arcadia was ancient history, which she has continued to pursue in and outside of the classroom, including through an internship at the Penn Museum in Philadelphia. But an interest in the modern Middle East that emerged during her first year set her on a new intellectual path. She went on to be a research assistant for Professor Samer Abboud for three years, explaining that “the most rewarding part about my Arcadia experience has been the opportunity to build a mentorship through my time as a research assistant because it allowed for an expertise in Middle Eastern studies that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.” Josephine has also explored these interests in the broader Mediterranean world through a semester abroad in Sicily, participation in a Global Field Study course that explored division, governance, and reconciliation in Cyprus, and her Senior Capstone project on al-Nusra in Syria. She begins a Master's program in Middle East Studies at the University of Chicago in the fall.

Jordan Morgan '16

Political Science major

After nine years in the Navy, Jordan Morgan came to Arcadia having long thought that he might want to be a lawyer someday. Taking several law-related courses with Judge Christopher Cerksi and completing an internship at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office confirmed Jordan’s desire and showed him how to achieve his goal; he begins law school at Villanova University in the fall. About his time at Arcadia, Jordan emphasizes that “I’ve also been able to focus on topics that are important to me as a veteran.” His Senior Capstone project focuses on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and “one of the most rewarding aspects of Arcadia has been working with Dr. Amy Widestrom for the Student Veterans Organization.”

A.J. Beephan '16

Political Science major

A.J. Beephan has focused much of his attention at Arcadia on exploring and making a positive change in the world.  Among his favorite experiences have been the five Global Field Study courses and the Model United Nations trip that have taken him to Cyprus, Belgium, Turkey, Israel, France, Russia, Latvia, and Estonia.  In addition, he has particularly focused on professional development. “Internships are important because they provide you with valuable experience and connections,” he advises.  A.J. has completed internships with the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania and in the New York State Senate. He is a New York Fire Lieutenant and has started his own political consulting firm. Most recently, he has begun a full-time position as a Legislative Assistant in the office of a member of the New York State Senate.

Natalie Marshall '16

International Studies major

Among the things that Natalie Marshall has come to appreciate most about Arcadia is that “the process of creating a globally-minded student happens just as much at home as it does abroad.” Natalie has studied abroad for three semesters (in London, Paris, and Cape Town, South Africa) and gained invaluable experiences: in South Africa she learned about post-apartheid inequalities while teaching English at a primary school; in Paris she served as a Study Abroad Correspondent for USA Today and interned at a non-governmental organization that complemented the NGO Principles and Management course she took at the American Graduate School in Paris. But Natalie’s academic and professional development back in the United States has been equally important. She completed an internship with the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, and as Natalie explains: “Some of my most meaningful intellectual growth happened on campus in Glenside. The outstanding professors in the HAPS department have taught me not just to produce good work, but to also think critically, be ambitious, and to commit myself to learning.”

Jessica Aguilera '16

International Studies major

Jessica Aguilera had a fascination with global issues when she first started at Arcadia, but she was unsure exactly how to translate that into a major and a course of study. Attentive faculty and a flexible curriculum, however, helped her identify and pursue an International Studies degree with a focus on public health that she has been able to complete in three years. Jessica has packed a lot into that time: in addition to a Global Field Study course to Ireland and a semester abroad in England, she has gained hands-on experience through internships with the Busking Project in London and the ASPIRA Association in Washington, D.C. Immediately after graduation, Jessica will be departing for Moldova, where she will be working on health education issues with the U.S. Peace Corps.

Rebecca Smith '16

Political Science major

“Professor Amy Widestrom’s Politics of American Public Policy class changed my life,” recalls Rebecca Smith, explaining how one of her most challenging classes was so influential because it helped her realize her passions for public policy and academic research. Rebecca then went on to complete a British Parliamentary internship while studying abroad for a semester in London. And during her senior year she has researched and written her Senior Capstone project on economic inequality in the United States, pursued an internship in the office of U.S. Congressman Brendan Boyle, presented two papers at an undergraduate social research conference, and participated in a Global Field Study course to Cyprus.

Sean McGovern '16

History major

Becoming a successful history teacher is equal parts understanding one’s content area and understanding how to convey that information in an interesting and effective way. Sean McGovern has spent his four years at Arcadia developing both skills.  While taking a full complement of history courses, he is also completing his state education certification with Arcadia’s School of Education, which has included several school-based fieldwork placements where he has assisted and co-taught social studies lessons. In addition, he has participated in Global Field Study courses to China and Russia. One of Sean’s favorite college experiences was taking a history course on the world at war from 1914 to 1945 with Dr. Geoff Haywood, a recent Arcadia Professor of the Year winner.  The engaging discussions inspired Sean and deepened his desire to instill similar enthusiasm for the past in the high school history students he will be teaching in the future.