College of Arts and Sciences

Historical and Political Studies Faculty

Setondji "Roland" R. Adjovi

Assistant Professor

Public International law; human rights; African politics; inter-governmental organizations

Hilary Parsons Dick PhD

Associate Professor

Modern Latin America; Mexico-U.S. migration; immigration politics & policy

Warren R. Haffar PhD


Ethics & environmental conflict; sustainable development

Geoff Arthur Haywood

Associate Professor

Modern Italy & Western Europe; modern Mediterranean world; Greek & Roman empires

Angela Kachuyevski

Associate Professor

Modern Russia & Eastern Europe; international relations; security studies; ethnic conflict resolution

Jennifer A. Riggan

Associate Professor

Modern Africa; citizenship & nationalism; state formation and development

Peter T. Siskind

Associate Provost for Finance and Planning

20th-century U.S. politics, cities/suburbs, environment; U.S. & the world

Amy M. Widestrom

Associate Professor / Chair

American political behavior; urban politics & policy; income inequality & civic participation; residential segregation

William "Bill" H. Jacobsen Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor

Mediation; conflict transformation

Christopher "Chris" J. Cerski JD

Adjunct Professor

American constitutional law; criminal law and procedures

Alex Roinishvili Grigorev

Adjunct Professor

Southeastern Europe; state building and inclusive governance; mediation and negotiation