Allen ’24 Launches Clothing Brand to Develop Entrepreneurial Skills

By Caitlin Burns | September 16, 2020
Arcadia University student Jshane Allen helping a customer at a pop-up event

With more free time this summer, students are finding new ways to follow their dreams. Jshane Allen ’24, a first-year Healthcare Administration student, spent the summer making hers happen by launching a clothing brand, Charged. 

“It was always something I had an interest in. When Corona happened, I would just sit at home,” said Allen. “So, I jump started it.” 

Allen has two different designs that are available in T-shirts, crop-tops, and shorts, and new for the winter season, sweatshirts and sweatpants. Allen wants to expand her brand and dreams to someday have celebrities wear her brand.

“When I [moved to Delaware] I kept hearing people use the word ‘charged,’” said Allen about her brand name. “When they said charged it was always about someone doing something that wowed everybody. I wanted a name that displayed a demeanor of ambition or motivation, and ‘Charged’ fit.”

Allen markets her clothing brand through Instagram, but a website is in the works. She has also been hosting pop-up shops around the region. 

Fashion and healthcare are helping Allen develop her entrepreneurial spirit and inspiring her career plans as a Healthcare Administration major. She hopes to one day open her own pediatric center to work with children and the community. 

“I really like kids and being able to help them—to see them come in and out the door every day—and being able to impact the community in such a big way, would just be amazing to me,” said Allen. “With my personality, I’d rather be in the background of how things run and make it work instead of being a doctor or surgeon.”

She credits her mom with helping to open her eyes to hospital work and entrepreneurship. As a child, Allen would sometimes go with her mom to work, and at the time she was working in a hospital around the Philadelphia area. Allen said those experiences were her first encounters with hospitals and how they work, and then as she got older she found her passion for healthcare. She defines it as taking care of people on the backend and making sure people are cared for when they’re in need.