Dr. Kevin Revier Wins Division on Critical Criminology & Social Justice 2023 Teacher Award

By Dan DiPrinzio | October 9, 2023

Dr. Kevin Revier, assistant professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arcadia University, is the recipient of the Division on Critical Criminology & Social Justice 2023 Teacher Award.

This award recognizes contributions that have made a significant impact on the teaching of critical criminology at the local, state, regional, national, or international levels. 

These contributions include: 

  1. Exemplary classroom teaching and/or student engagement activities
  2. Leadership and innovation  in teaching developments such as the preparation of teaching and curriculum-related materials and publications
  3. Contributions to the scholarship on teaching and learning
  4. Contributions to the enhancement of teaching within state, regional or national associations

He will officially receive the award at the 2023 American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting next month in Philadelphia. Also at the meeting, recent alumna Marlie Ford ‘23 will present her thesis that she wrote as a senior at Arcadia. The thesis, titled “Social Media Depicts Kensington as Zombieland – and it’s Deadly,” was recently published in Filter Magazine.

Ford was a student of Revier’s during her time at Arcadia.

“[Revier] has received excellent reviews from students who found him to be not only engaging in the classroom but also very empathetic and caring as an instructor,” the awards committee said in a statement. “Kevin has worked hard to respond to student feedback and redesign courses in an effort to continually improve as an instructor. He regularly solicits his own feedback from students by conducting mid-term evaluations in his classes and is very receptive to improving his teaching.”

“Additionally, Kevin ensures accessibility to first-generation college students and students of color,” the committee added. “To be frank, Kevin is an educator that many of us should emulate.”