Dr. Pomeroy Discusses How We Educate One Another in New Book

By Ryan Hiemenz | June 26, 2024

Dr. Deborah Pomeroy, professor emeritus of Science Education at Arcadia, published the book “New Era – New Urgency: The Case for Repurposing Education” with Lexington Books alongside co-author, F. Joseph Merlino. The book examines the challenges and realities that come with entering a new era before exploring how these changes require a rethinking of how education can function in current and future generations. Pomeroy and Merlino are cofounders of the Philadelphia area nonprofit 21st Century Partnership for STEM Education (21PSTEM).

Dr. Pomeroy (left) presenting at a faculty exhibit at Arcadia in 2003 with Dr. Edward Wolff (right).

The book is divided into four parts. The first outlines the social, technological, and demographic changes over the past 400 years. The second examines four corrupting influences on education: extreme wealth inequality, nativism, white supremacy, and anti-intellectualism. The third critiques the illusions of educational reform, such as the overemphasis on test scores and the conflation of memorization with understanding. Finally, the fourth recounts Merlino and Pomeroy’s 12 years of experience in Egypt, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Turkey, and the U.S., showcasing their efforts to craft new educational purposes for model schools in these countries.

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