Good Knights Provide Peer Education on Health and Wellness

By Caitlin Burns | April 29, 2021

The Good Knights at Arcadia University educate the community about mental health and wellness and sexual violence prevention through peer-to-peer workshops and events. For English major and Good Knights peer educator Kaede Rende ’21, the student group is an opportunity to make a difference.

“Right now we’re doing presentations and workshops over Zoom,” said Rende. “But Alison [Berk, sexual violence prevention coordinator] is a lively presenter and often present in these workshops, and I think there’s a big benefit to doing them in-person when talking about these topics.” 

For Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, Rende and Biology major Gwen Resch ’22, also a Good Knight, organized the event series throughout April, which included a book discussion with Dr. Dina Pinsky, associate professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice; a spoken word event for survivors; a documentary showing on Haber Green; and more.

Throughout the year, Good Knights provide workshops and trainings to student organizations and athletics teams to discuss consent, intervention, sexual health, mental health and wellness, and healthy relationships in hopes of bringing sexual assault awareness and prevention.

“We want to enact positive change,” said Rende, who became involved with Good Knights in the fall. “Peer-to-peer education is so important because it’s a lot easier to take advice from another student rather than from an administrator, faculty, or staff member. It’s a lot less intimidating and feels more authentic because you’re in the same place.”

The Good Knights is a joint collaboration between the Office for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Education and Counseling Services, and incorporates both graduate and undergraduate peer educators.