Arcadia Magazine Winter 2023: Letter from the President of the Arcadia University Alumni Association

By Maya Basu Johnson ’97 | January 20, 2023
Maya Basu Johnson headshot

Dear Arcadia University and Beaver College Community,

Campus is alive with students; they are back from winter break and eager for the spring semester. I remember my own experiences – as I am sure you do yours. What I hope for our students — our future alumni — is what I hope for you: meaningful engagement with our alma mater. 

As alumni, we have an incredible opportunity to be examples for current students as well as inspirations to each other. As seniors graduate in May and join the ranks of alumni, those of us in the Alumni Association should not only welcome them but also encourage them to serve Arcadia as proud alumni.  

Service can be driven through four major channels: communication, experiential, volunteerism, and philanthropy. Our deep care of our Alma Mater is best demonstrated when we share with one another, attend events, loan our expertise, and give. However, giving – or Impact Philanthropy – allows Arcadia to address critical priorities and strengthen its institutional capacity, which, in turn, helps to raise our institutional self-esteem (and our own pride in Arcadia) by driving positive transformation of Arcadia.  This raises awareness, attracts potential students, encourages funders to support us through grant-making, and makes Arcadia stronger.  

Arcadia has taken daily steps to that positive transformation. It can be seen in many ways around campus, across the student experience, and alumni population. But they need us. As we recognize this progress through our individual lenses, it is a good reminder for each of us to think about what motivates our support of Arcadia. It is all wonderfully cyclical – the Classes of the 1940s paved the way for the Classes of the 1960s, while the Classes of the 1950s offered opportunity to the Classes of the 1970s, and so on. I hope that each of you will consider the active part you can play in the future of Arcadia University by paying it forward. 

A special congratulations to all the classes experiencing a reunion in 2023, from the Class of 1953 to the Class of 2018!

On behalf of the Alumni Association and the Advisory Council, I’d like to thank the alumni of Beaver College and Arcadia University; the staff and faculty who work tirelessly every day; and to the University Advancement team, whose efforts are critical to the Alumni Association for achieving our alumni goals. Fling high the Scarlet and the Grey!


Maya Basu Johnson ’97 

President, Arcadia University Alumni Association

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