Plan for Safety, Wellbeing, Support, Education, and Resources for War and Turmoil

By Arcadia University Preparation Response Team | November 10, 2023

Dear Arcadia Community, 

We understand that members of our University community have been experiencing turmoil, anxiety, uncertainty, and fear surrounding the Israel-Hamas war — we share those feelings. After consultation with several of our community members and leaders, Arcadia University is presenting a six-point plan of support, advocacy, and education for all who are directly and indirectly impacted by the conflict, in particular our Palestinian, Israeli, Muslim, and Jewish students and community members. 

Please note that, as events shift, our action steps may shift. We’ll need to remain flexible for all of our support systems and methods. 

  • Being here for all of our community members.
    • We want to know how we can best support you. We’ve heard from several community members on their concerns, suggestions, and ways in which their needs can be best served. Hearing from you has helped us to explore the best ways to support you. Please continue to share your feelings with us through this form; please leave your contact information if you would like a member of our community — from Counseling Services, Student Affairs, AEDI, Human Resources, or another office or department — to connect with you directly. 
    • Counseling Services is available, with extended hours, at 215-572-2967 for students. Students also have access to 24/7 Telehealth and Wellness services through TimelyCare.
  • Listening sessionsand advocacy and resource spaces
    • University departments and offices will host informal listening and engagement sessions for students. These sessions will be thoughtfully facilitated to provide a listening and support service, designed to encourage active participation. The first such session for students is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 15 from 11am to 1pm at the Civic & Global Engagement House (6 Royal Avenue). The International Peace and Conflict Resolution Graduate Program is working to establish support as well (more information will be forthcoming). 
  • Opening difficult conversations / moderated conversation series
    • Expanding upon the excellent work CASAA has done to help us communicate and work together through challenging dialogues. Faculty plan to facilitate a series of moderated conversations to foster respectful and empathetic engagement with these difficult and emotional topics. More detailed information will be shared shortly.
  • Embracing Our Code of Honor and Lived Values
    • Arcadia University continues to uphold and enforce our code of conduct and our lived values, by which all members of our community are expected to abide. We want to celebrate those in our community who embrace and advance these values and this code of conduct. Your contributions to our community of respect and understanding do not go unnoticed, and we thank you.
  • Campaigning for mutual respect
    • The University encourages the free expression and sharing of ideas; this includes the posting of materials around campus. Posters and other visual materials that espouse our values and remind community members of the strength of our diversity will be posted around campus. 
    • Please note that University’s Posting Policy states that postings are reserved for University departments, professors, sponsors of events, and University-recognized organizations; must have contact information for a responsible party; and be displayed in a manner that does not obstruct views in windows or doors, among other requirements. Postings in violation of the policy may be subject to removal. 
  • Enhanced security measures
    • Perhaps most importantly, we want to facilitate a safe and secure environment for our community members. As a reminder, the following security means are available:
      • Escorts are provided by the Department of Public Safety 24/7 by calling the Security Command Center at 215-572-2800. Students at the Christiana Campus can also take advantage of virtual escorts by calling the Security Command Center at 215-572-2800. In the event of an emergency the Security Command Center will contact the Delaware State Police. 
      • A new Emergency Call Box has been placed in lot 13 in front of Taylor Hall. Additionally all Emergency Call Boxes are tested monthly.
      • A lockdown button has been installed in the Security Command Center, giving the ability to immediately lockdown all swipe access doors on and off campus in case of any emergency.
      • The Security Center has the ability to view in real time all CCTV cameras which are throughout the campus, in exterior and interior locations.
      • The Department of Public Safety main number is 215-572-2800 and the emergency number is 215-572-2999.

We look forward to engaging with you as a University community to assist and support our community members through these difficult times. We are one community, one University, one Arcadia. 


Arcadia University Preparation Response Team

Jeff Rutenbeck, PhD

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dan DiPrinzio

Interim VP for Marketing and Communications

Ruth Evans

Director, Public Safety

Lucy Glasson

Associate General Counsel 

Interim Director of OECR and Title IX Coordinator 

Donavan McCargo, EdD

VP for Campus Life and Dean of Students

Allyson M. McCreery, MA

Associate Director, International Peace and Conflict Resolution Program

Angela McNeil, EdD

AVP for Access, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Alison LaLond Wyant, EdD

Executive Director, Civic & Global Engagement