Public Safety Director Evans Named Interim President of HBCU Law Enforcement Org.

By Daniel DiPrinzio | January 19, 2022
Arcadia University Public Safety Director Ruth Evans in uniform

In January 2022, the Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) Law Enforcement Executive and Administrators appointed Ruth Evans, director of Arcadia University’s Department of Public Safety, as interim president of its Executive Board. As interim president, Evans will preside at all meetings, enforce the organization’s goals and objectives, appoint committees, approve finances and communicate on behalf of the organization. 
Evans began at Arcadia in August 2019 after two decades in a variety of roles in Lincoln University’s Department of Public Safety. She joined the HBCU-LEEA in 2003 and was elected to the Executive Board in 2004; Evans has served as financial secretary, treasurer, and vice president for the organization. 

“The wealth of knowledge, training, and leadership skills gained from this great organization is immeasurable and has propelled my career in public safety and law enforcement,” said Evans. “I stand on the solid shoulders of the founding members and past leaders of the organization and will continue to support the traditions of law enforcement within university environments.”
The HBCU-LEEA, Inc. is a nonprofit national organization of police chiefs, executives and security directors that advance campus public safety for its students attending the 105 HBCU educational institutions nationally. In 1999, the concept of the HBCU-LEEA was born when a group of concerned campus police chiefs and campus public safety directors reached consensus on the need to organize for the purposes of information-sharing and collectively addressing mutual challenges. In 2000, Chief White (Clark Atlanta University) organized the first formal meeting to establish the organization of Police Chiefs and Security Directors from HBCU institutions around the country.