Rende ’21 Continues to Assist LGBTQ+ Mental Health Resource in London

By Caitlin Burns | May 11, 2021

When English major Kaede Rende ’21 was forced to come back to the United States in the spring 2020 from their study abroad opportunity in London, they thought the internship was over. 

Rende’s internship with OutLife, a nonprofit organization focused on LGBTQ+ mental health, came to an overnight halt just a week before they were expected to finish. The organization, which traditionally focused on gay men, had Rende reimagine the blog section of the website. Topics they addressed connected to audiences who weren’t previously represented or were underrepresented, such as being LGBTQ+ and religious, defining intersex and non-binary, and identifying abusive relationships.

“It was like the world was crashing down and they told me not to worry about it,” said Rende. “It was pretty disappointing though. I think about London every day.”

However, the relationship between Rende and OutLife has continued virtually as they help the organization expand the services they provide. In March, the organization reached out to Rende about continuing their work to create a space on their website by compiling health resources for non-binary individuals, transwomen, queer women, and other people.

“We’re trying to outline where you can go for different health resources because sometimes when it comes to your health it’s hard to start,” said Rende. “I’m really glad I’m still in touch with OutLife. I had a great experience with them in London, and now I’m having a great experience with them online.”

OutLife is a branch of LGBT HERO, national UK health and wellbeing charity for LGBTQ+ people. Arcadia internship programs maximize the career-building potential of study abroad by embedding work placements in coursework, whether that’s for a semester or over the summer. In addition to in-country placements, The College of Global Studies offers Virtual Global Internships in Cape Town, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Rome, or Sydney.

Rende will be headed to the University of Pittsburgh after graduating from Arcadia on May 21. There, Rende will earn a master in higher education management and work as the food pantry assistant in the Basic Needs Program in the Office of PittServes.