Student Starts Podcast Showcasing Arcadia’s History

By Dan DiPrinzio | May 4, 2023

Arcadia student Emmett Myers ‘24 launched a podcast called “Arcadia’s Missed Collections” that highlights the history of the university through its archives. 

The podcast, available on Spotify, currently has five episodes and features interviews with Dr. Christopher Varlack, director of Pan African Studies and of CASAA, Dr. Ana Maria Garcia, associate professor in Sociology, Marie Corrie, a student ambassador, Anastasia Rousseau, Arcadia’s Project Archivist, and Justin Fugo, adjunct professor in Philosophy.

“The reason I started this podcast was because I wanted to showcase Arcadia’s archive to Arcadia’s community,” said Myers, a Philosophy major who is also minoring in Gender Studies and Media and Communications. “The archive is such an inspiring place on campus that can teach us so much about the present, past, and future of our university.”

“Not only that, but it can teach us about what once was and how we can create a better tomorrow,” Myers added. “I want my podcast to tell stories from Arcadia’s history and bring it to the present by interviewing faculty members. My goal is to also showcase that we are constantly creating history and that it’s important to find new ways to document that for future students.”