Students Learn About Short- and Long-term Effects of Alcohol at Fun ’til One

By Caitlin Burns | November 7, 2019

Officer Wayne Forte helping a student wearing the alcohol impairment goggles.

Students donned alcohol impairment goggles and attempted to walk the red carpet during a Public Safety-sponsored Fun ’til One on Oct. 24. In addition to learning about the short-term challenges of alcohol impairment, students also heard from Director of Public Safety Ruth Evans about how alcohol violations can impact their careers.

“We shared information with students about the impact on professional permits and licenses that they’ll be unable to obtain if they have alcohol violations,” said Evans, noting that many students were aware of how their careers in education could be impacted, but were surprised to learn that alcohol violations could prevent from practicing medicine or law.

Students also received information about the resources provided by Arcadia’s Public Safety office including safety escorts, fingerprinting, and safety awareness demonstrations.