Transformative Teaching in a Connected World: Book Talk with Baker-Doyle

By Caitlin Burns | November 30, 2017

Join Dr. Kira Baker-Doyle, associate professor of Education and author of Transformative Teachers: Teacher Leadership and Learning in a Connected World, and Mt. Airy Rev. Kent Matthies for a critical conversation on Saturday, Dec. 2 at 3 p.m. at the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia.

Using Dr. Baker-Doyle’s book as a frame for the discussion, the group will identify strategies that teachers use to design, organize, and connect social media with other technologies. The discussion will question how teachers work for social justice and against racism, how teachers organize with others for change in this digitally networked era, what the tools and possibilities are for transforming education, and what problems technologies raise for teachers. Audience members will be invited to share their questions and stories.

Dr. Baker-Doyle is the University’s second Rosemary and Walter Blankley Endowed Chair in Education. Dr. Baker-Doyle’s research primarily focuses on professional development, social network theory, and community engagement in urban schools and communities. As co-founder of Arcadia’s Connected Learning Certificate, a graduate program that prepares K-16+ educators to engage in participatory learning experiences, Dr. Baker-Doyle leads education courses that emphasize writing proficiency, digital media, and connected technologies.