Crisis Communications

Emergency Notification System

Arcadia’s Emergency Notification System, SendWordNow, is used for campus emergency announcements, including weather-related closings or delays. The system sends an e-mail and text messages to all registered users in the event of an incident posing an immediate threat to life safety.

  • System is for students, staff, and faculty.
  • Text, voicemail and Arcadia e-mail messages sent simultaneously to all recipients enrolled in the system.
  • Notifications sent to Arcadia’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.
  • Recipients reminded automatically to review contact information once a semester.

Where to Go for Information During an Emergency

Communications channels for the Arcadia Community to receive updates during an emergency situation include the following:

  • Local media outlets. Arcadia will send regular updates to the local stations in the Greater Philadelphia area in the event of university closings or serious emergency situations. (ie: NBC 10, ABC6, CBS3, KYW)
  • Arcadia University. Information will be posted via several methods to the Arcadia Community: on the Emergency Information site in the yellow Arcadia Active Alerts box, through Arcadia University e-mail accounts, via the campus phone messaging systems, as well as on MyArcadia Main Page (password-protected portal). 
  • Emergency Notification System. Arcadia students and University employees may receive information (emergencies and closings) by text and/or phone message through Arcadia's Emergency Notification System, SendWordNow.
  • Arcadia News. Anyone can sign up to receive this weekly e-newsletter about Arcadia University via e-mail.
  • Facebook. Arcadia University Facebook page
  • Twitter. Arcadia University page

Press and Media

During the coordination of emergency response on Arcadia University’s campus, use these simple guidelines for press inquiries:

  • University Communications is the primary contact for all media (reporters, inquiries, interview requests) 
  • During office hours call University Relations at 215-572-2969; after-hours text or call Laura Baldwin, Chief Marketing Communications Officer, cell: 215-847-9403.
  • Updates of emergency information will be posted in the Arcadia Bulletin, and linked from the University website homepage.
  • In the event of a campus emergency, University Relations and Public Safety will designate media parking, and, depending on the situation, issues passes. Contact Arcadia switchboard in an emergency at 215-572-2900.
  • Media must check in and be assigned an Identification Pass to be allowed on campus.
  • Any media members who do not follow these guidelines may be asked to leave the campus.