Event Planning and Publicity

University Relations is committed to ensure the planning and execution of large-scale, special university events run smoothly and uphold the reputation of the institution. We work to aid in the planning of successful events and programs to educate, enrich the community, and shape relationships.

Event planning is a group effort between University Relations, Conference Services, and all of Arcadia’s service providers to produce large-scale events of high quality and smooth execution.

Event Publicity Services and Timeline

All campus departments or groups wishing to publicize their campus event should provide the University Relations team with details about the event and connect our staff with the appropriate staff member of the external organization before external communications are released. Anyone requesting publicity or coverage for programs or events should contact University Relations as per the timeline below.

Publicizing an Event
  • Pre-event publicity: If a campus event is open to members of the Arcadia University community or the general public, University Relations can work with you to generate an audience with an announcement and/or a press release.
  • Post-event recap: University Relations can report on an event, which could include photos and a written piece from the event, a more developed news story, or a video. The format of this coverage is typically decided by University Relations.
  • External media coverage: Certain events or news stories may generate coverage or interest from external media outlets. University Relations will work on pitching these events or news items to members of the media.

For the protection of each student as well as the University, students must notify the Office of University Relations when they are contacted by the news media (radio, television, newspapers, and magazines).

Event Publicity Timeline
Service Lead Time
Press Release / News Article 5 weeks before event
Design / Digital Signage 3 weeks before event
Photography 2 weeks before event
Calendar Listing At least 1 week before event
Mass Email At least 2 business days before event