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Arcadia's Genetic Counseling program is one of only 34 accredited programs in North America. Established in 1995, the program has graduated 183 students and is the second largest program in the country. Accepting 12-14 students annually, Arcadia provides personal attention and access to clinical opportunities at some of the nation's premier healthcare facilities.

Arcadia's program has the full support of the genetics community in the greater Philadelphia areaClinical training is one of the program's greatest strengths, with individualized clinical opportunities at clinical genetics sites throughout the Delaware Valley. Access to so many clinical training centers allows students to broaden their educational experience beyond traditional clinics to research in medical subspecialties, health care management, and non-traditional genetic counseling roles. In addition, students participate in a variety of community service projects.

Arcadia alumni are working across the country in diverse genetic counseling roles. Employers have been extremely pleased with the Arcadia graduates' work ethic and performance. In fact, several institutions employ multiple Arcadia graduates.

First and Second Year Genetic Counseling Students at Back to School Picnic in August 2012
First and Second Year Genetic Counseling Students at Back to School Picnic, August 2012


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