Music Education

Coordinator: Elizabeth A. Murphy, DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts)

Master of Arts in Education Degree Requirements (M.A.Ed.)

(a minimum of 30 credits)

This program is individualized and planned with the Coordinator.

The foundation courses (ED 501-510) provide knowledge basic to all aspects of education. The concentration courses focus on a discipline other than Education. A minimum of 15 credits of the degree program must be taken in English; the remaining credits must be in Education.

1. Foundation Courses (6 credits)

2. Concentration Courses (15 credits)

  • MU 401 Seminar in Musicology
  • MU 403 Music in the Baroque Era
  • MU 406 Chamber Music
  • MU 407 Survey of Opera
  • MU 408 20th Century Music
  • MU 409 Symphonic Literature and Analysis
  • MU 410 Survey of Music in America
  • MU 426 Practical Comprehensive Theory
  • MU 441 Swing and the Big Bands
  • MU 474 Music in the Classical Period
  • MU 475 Modern Arranging Seminar I
  • MU 476 Seminar in Composition I
  • MU 689 Independent Research

3. Electives in Education (6 Education credits)

4. Culminating Activity (3 credits)

  • ED 596 Curriculum Development Project or ED 589 Independent Research


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