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    Video Production

    No two projects are alike, but there are common styles of videos that University Communications produces:

    Event Coverage

    Event coverage means attending a select campus event such as an art gallery opening, a lecture, or reception as it happens. This type of video can also include interviews that provide a context for the event.


    With action shots and interviews, the complete story can be crafted to recap an event. This may be used with or without a story and can also be archived for future viewing.

    Interviews and Profiles

    An interview allows an individual to tell his or her story first-hand. It can provide a testimonial, explain a concept, or introduce someone. Often, these types of pieces will accompany a story about an event relating to the person being interviewed.


    Livestreaming allows viewers to watch an event remotely from a computer or mobile device. This method is best suited for an event that has many attendees who would not be able to attend in person. Livestreaming allows an automatic archive to be created for the event that can be viewed at any time with no editing necessary.

    Livestreaming requires an ethernet port-equipped room and set-up time. A link is created that can be distributed to help publicize the event.

    Video Tips

    • Video is most successful when the content can not only be talked about but shown
    • Clarity and brevity are key. Most viewers will not watch a lengthy video.
    • If planning to shoot an interview, also plan for shot time with the person as they are working, teaching, etc.
    • Consider where the video will appear (on a department website, within a story in The Bulletin, on the University’s YouTube channel, etc.).
    • Quality is more important than quantity. It is better to highlight one strong testimonial from a student or faculty member rather than several, especially if the interviews seem similar.

    Livestreaming should only be used for large events with a ready, online audience.

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