Examiner: Moy ’10 Philadelphia’s Advocate for Study Abroad

By schwartzsa | February 24, 2012

Examiner.com recently featured an article by Melissa Moy ’10, Philadelphia World Travel Examiner, in support of a local middle school student who was chosen by the People to People Ambassador Program to be a delegate to France and England.

One of the selectively chosen is 11-year-old Milton Owens. Anonymously nominated by one of his teachers, Owens has chosen to be a delegate to France and England. Besides being selected out of hundreds of students for this historical program, Milton still has to tackle one thing, financing his trip.

Milton is the youngest of 15 children, and his mother, Mary Boone, survives off of roughly $900 a month. Though extremely proud of her son, Mary still worries Milton might not be able to experience the world abroad. In an effort to raise money, the family is fundraising around their North Philadelphia community and have set up a fundraising site.

Moy graduated from Arcadia University with a bachelor’s degree in International Studies in 2010. During her time as a student, she participated in London Preview and studied abroad for a semester in Athens, Greece. She also served as an office assistant in the International Services department as well as a member of the International Peer Associates League (I-PAL).