Division of Student Success Staff

Peter T. Siskind

Associate Provost

Lindsay A. McGann MPH

Student Success Projects Manager

Breann "Bre" M. Donnelly

Assistant Dean of Students

Cheryl Lewis

Assistant Director of Global Engagement

Bruce R. Keller

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Kay N. Greene

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Cristina Cintron-Marsh

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies

Angela S. McNeil D.A., MFT

Program Director, ACT 101

Daniel L. Schall

Instructor / Director of the Writing Center

Linda M. Pizzi

Assistant Dean of Academic Development

Kathryn J. Duffy LSW, MA

Disability Services Coordinator

Jessica Holdren

Disability Services Director

Gina Marie Szweda

Administrative Assistant, Senior

Marissa C. Deitch

Executive Director

Cynthia V. Nichols

Associate Director

Jennifer McCaffrey

Assistant Director

Maureen Brown

Assistant Director

Samantha Eden Edwards

Career Counselor

Alice (Yang) "Alice" Song

Career Counselor

Breanna "BreAnna" M. Gallegos

Career Education Coordinator

William "Bill" S. Elnick


Nicole T. Zucker

Senior Associate Registrar

Helena Market

Assistant Registrar - Transfer and Articulation

Holly E. Green

Assistant Registrar - Registration Systems

Charlene M. Grauer

Transcript Systems Coordinator

Elizabeth "Liz" A. Haff

Records Coordinator