Division of Student Success Staff

Peter T. Siskind

Associate Provost

Lindsay A. McGann MPH

Assistant Dean of Student Success and Title III Project Manager/Thrive Strategist

Breann "Bre" M. Donnelly

Assistant Dean for Student Success

Kathy Hall

Administrative Manager

Bruce R. Keller

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Success

Kay N. Greene

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Success

Cristina Cintron-Marsh

Director, Gateway/Act 101 Program & Assistant Director, Undergraduate Success

Anthony A. Reyes

Program Coordinator, Gateway to Success/Act 101 Program

Maria Cashman

Student Success Coordinator

Daniel L. Schall

Instructor / Director of the Writing Center

Kathryn J. Duffy LSW, MA

Disability Services Coordinator

Jennifer "Jen" Smull

Director of Disability Support Services

Gina Marie Szweda

Administrative Assistant, Senior

Marissa C. Deitch

Executive Director

Cynthia V. Nichols

Associate Director

Jennifer McCaffrey

Associate Director for Student Employment

Maeghan Myers

Career Counselor

Yolanda Smalls Carcana

Associate Director, Employer Engagement

BreAnna M. Gallegos

Assistant Director for Student Employment

Nicole T. Zucker

Interim Registrar

Helena Market

Assistant Registrar - Transfer and Articulation

Holly E. Green

Assistant Registrar - Registration Systems

Charlene M. Grauer

Academic Records Coordinator

Kiersten Borkert

Career Counselor

Monica Anna Day
Heather Breinig