Accelerated & Assured Admission Law Programs with Drexel University Law School

About the Accelerated Law Program

Arcadia University in partnership with Drexel University provides academically qualified students two options for assured admission to the Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law.

The Six-Year (3+3) Accelerated Program

This six-year (3+3) B.A./J.D. option integrates undergraduate and graduate training. The accelerated degree option allows selected students to earn both a bachelor’s and juris doctor degree concurrently—thus eliminating one-year of undergraduate study at Arcadia University. The student must meet the program’s specified academic and law school admission criteria.

Currently eligible accelerated undergraduate majors include Business Administration, Media and Communication, International Business, International Studies, Political Science and Psychology.

The Seven-Year (4+3) Assured Admission Program

This seven-year (4+3) B.A./J.D. option provides selected students assured admission to Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law provided the student meets the program’s specified academic and law school admission criteria.

All students admitted into the B.A./J.D. accelerated and assured admission program receive admission into the 3+3 accelerated B.A./J.D. Students may switch from accelerated B.A./J.D. to assured admission at any time.