Politics, Government & Law

Politics, Government, and Law at Arcadia

The Politics, Government & Law major focuses on the theory and practice of politics, the analysis of political systems and behavior, and domestic and international law and legal systems.  This major contributes to a broad-based liberal arts education by developing critical thinking skills, analytical skills, and strong communication skills, all while attempting to come to grips with the major public issues of our time.  The Politics, Government, & Law major offers a structured and timely curriculum to prepare our graduates for careers or future graduate study in state and federal government, law, public policy, and non-profit work/management.
Majors will have the opportunity to concentrate on specific fields of study, which will help students achieve their career and/or graduate school goals.  Students can choose among the following concentration areas:

  • International Relations
  • Law & Public Policy
  • Global Legal Studies
  • Political Science


International Relations:  A student concentrating in international relations will study foreign affairs, the relationship between nations, and global political and economic systems.  Students who study international relations develop expertise in foreign policy and diplomacy. 

Law & Public Policy:  A student concentrating in law & public policy will study American and international legal theory, the process of crafting public policy, and the systems of government that enact public policy and law.  This expertise will prepare students to seek employment in government, the non-profit sector, private-sector legal/government affairs, or attend graduate/law school.  
Global Legal Studies:  A student concentrating in global legal studies will study the comparative practice of law, the substantive areas of law and legal reasoning, and the role of legal systems in both the United States and other societies.  This concentration is unique because it requires the completion of coursework abroad.  This expertise will prepare students to attend law school or work in international legal/government affairs.
Political Science:  A student concentrating in political science will study a broad range of courses in the field of political science, including international relations, comparative politics, American politics, and political theory.  This concentration is designed to offer a liberal arts approach to studying politics and public affairs.  Students who study in the political science concentration develop a generalist’s understanding of politics and government, and will be prepared to pursue careers in secondary education, government, the non-profit sector, or attend graduate school to hone expertise.

What to Expect

  • Class activities that include debates, simulations, student presentations, guest speakers and field trips 
  • Preparation for graduate study in politics, peace and conflict resolution, international relations or law
  • Opportunities to travel with an award-winning Model UN team and participate in an international simulation
  • Internships available in Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C, and British parliaments
  • Senior Capstone courses that integrate classroom learning with real-world experiences
  • Opportunities through Arcadia’s College of Global Studies to study in Europe, Asia, Africa, China, and more

Career Paths

A Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with Politics, Government & Law will prepare you to pursue a career in law, politics, international affairs, foreign policy, public administration, urban planning, public relations, trade associations, teaching, or private industry.