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Alumni Association

Stay Connected and Engaged

The Arcadia University Alumni Association is a resource for alumni in their careers and other pursuits, and serves as a vehicle for you to stay connected with your alma mater. The Association provides structure for you to engage with alumni, current students, faculty, staff, and the community in meaningful ways.

Mission Statement & Strategic Plan

The Arcadia University Alumni Association continues to foster the relationships formed as students by developing and supporting a dynamic alumni program that stimulates interest in, builds loyalty to, increases involvement in, and generates support for the continued success of Arcadia University. 

2015-2018 Strategic Plan Goals
  1. Create a greater awareness of the Arcadia University Alumni Association’s mission and role within the context of the larger University community.
  2. Enhance and generate opportunities that support the formation of social connections while fostering networking opportunities between alumni. 
  3. Develop an understanding among current Arcadia University students regarding their role within the Alumni Association in order to best nurture engagement between alumni and students.
  4. Strengthen the Alumni Association’s internal structure.


As a graduate of Beaver College or Arcadia University, your membership in the Alumni Association is automatic and conferred upon your graduation. If you matriculated to Beaver or Arcadia as a student and completed one semester toward a degree at the University, you may also be considered a member of the Association beginning the year your class graduates. Honorary memberships may also be granted to any individual who has made substantial contributions to the welfare of the University, its alumni, or the Association.


The Leadership Council and the Steering Committee act as the governing body of the Alumni Association.

Leadership Council

The Alumni Association’s Leadership Council implements the purposes of the Association. It is composed of one representative from each class, alumni chapter, club, and group, as well as members of the Alumni Association’s Steering Committee and ex officio members. The Leadership Council members meet at least twice annually.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the Leadership Council organizes and conducts the affairs and business of the Council and the Alumni Association. It oversees policy implementation and priorities in accordance with the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws. The Steering Committee’s members include its officers, representatives of the Alumni Association’s Standing and General Committees, at-large and ex officio members, and the director of Alumni Relations. They meet regularly and no less than quarterly.

Officers of the Arcadia University Alumni Association’s Steering Committee are elected by members of the Association’s Leadership Council from a slate presented by the Committee on Nominations. Learn more about the nomination process.