Housing and Residence Life FAQs

Rooms and Furnishings

What size are the traditional residence hall and Castle rooms?

Dilworth, Heinz, and Kistler rooms are approximately 11’x14’. Thomas rooms are approximately 11’x13’. Grey Towers Castle rooms vary in size and are assigned accordingly. The measurements of windows, closets, and space under the beds vary by room.   

What size are the beds in the residence halls?

Mattresses in our residence halls are extra-long (36" x 80") and require twin, extra-long sheets. Residence and Commuter Life has partnered with On Campus Marketing (OCM LLC) to provide students with a convenient, affordable way to purchase bedding items, as well as other campus-living necessities. 

What types of furnishings are provided in each residence hall room?


What should I bring/leave at home?


Are my personal belongings insured?

Arcadia University is not responsible for damage to personal belongings in your residence hall room or apartment. You should make sure that your belongings are covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy or make arrangements for renter’s insurance coverage if necessary.

Will I have an Internet/phone/cable connection in my room? 

Arcadia provides an Internet connection in each room and apartment. Additionally, the entire campus is covered by wireless access. There are no phone lines provided, so having a cell phone is highly recommended.

What if I don’t get along with my roommate(s)? Can I change rooms?

Your first step is to discuss the situation with your Resident Assistant. Your Resident Assistant may be able to help you and your roommate resolve your differences. If, after discussion, a room change is appropriate, you must speak to your Area Coordinator. Room changes are not possible until after the third week of the semester, and then only as space permits.

Residence Hall Facilities and Policies

Is Housing Guaranteed?

Arcadia guarantees housing for all full-time undergraduate students who make a housing deposit by the posted deadline. Living on campus is not required for any student. However, we recommend on-campus living to enhance your Arcadia experience.

What types of facilities are available in the residence halls?

Each traditional hall has laundry facilities, furnished main lounges with vending machines and flat screen TVs. Heinz and Kistler also have pool tables, and the Dilworth/Thomas lounge has a foosball table. Kistler, Dilworth, and Heinz Halls also have guest rooms. All residence halls, including the apartments, have common study areas.

Do the residence halls close during vacations?

During Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks, the residence halls are closed. Break exceptions are available on a case by case basis for Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break charges may be associated with these exceptions. Students that travel from a distance are welcome to speak with their Area Coordinator at any time for assistance in planning for these break periods.

Are the residence halls at the University coed?

All University housing is coed, in that all residence halls house both genders. Most halls are coed by floor or wing. Campus Life Housing will only house you on coed-by-room floors or in coed-by-bed suites and apartments by request.

Do you provide any housing on smoke-free floors?

All University housing is smoke-free. Residents of the Oak Summit Apartments are permitted to smoke on balconies or patios.

What are the rules and regulations associated with living in the residence halls?

As you complete your Housing Reservation via the Arcadia University Housing Portal, you will have the opportunity to review the University Housing Agreement that provides detailed information about University policy and residence hall living. Each resident is required to agree to and abide by this agreement. 

What is my mailing address at Arcadia University?

Your address will be:
[Your Name]
Arcadia University
450 South Easton Rd
Glenside, PA 19038

Who do I contact with questions regarding Residence Life and Housing on campus?

All questions regarding Residence Life and Housing should be directed to the Housing Office at 215-572-4026.

Housing Application and Assignment

When can I complete a Housing Application?

Applications may be completed in early spring; however deposited students may sign on at any time to confirm their demographic info.

How do I complete a Housing Application?
  1. Sign into MyArcadia using your MyArcadia login and password. 
  2. Click on the “New Students” at the top right of the page.
  3. Scroll down and click on “Housing Portal” to access the Arcadia University Online Housing Portal. 
  4. Follow the steps to complete your Housing Application.
  5. Check your Arcadia email for a confirmation message.
When can I expect my Housing Assignment?

Housing assignments will be mailed via Arcadia email no later than August 1st. Students who submit completed applications after the first week of August will be assigned on an individual basis as space permits.

How does Arcadia house students?

Any student with a medical accommodation will be given priority. Incoming first-year students and transfers are encouraged to submit important paperwork by May 1.

Roommate preference is priority. If you indicate that you want to live with a particular person, and that person agrees, we will do our very best to house you with that person.  Even if a student has a deposit date that makes them eligible for the Castle, if a roommate they select does not have a deposit date that makes them eligible for the Castle, the student will typically be placed with the roommate in another building.  

Students who indicate the Castle as a housing preference will be placed based on completed housing application date, as space permits. 

Housing assignments for Dilworth, Heinz, Kistler and Thomas Halls and the Knight Hall Enhanced Community are not based upon preference for a building. Instead, housing placements are made based on the type of experience you indicate via the portal:  Do you want to live on a theme floor?  Do you want to live with a particular person?  Do you want to live in on a coed floor? These are some questions that you will answer as you move through the housing application on the portal.


See our amenities page for more information.