Housing Rates

Housing Rates

Rates listed below are the official Undergraduate Housing Rates for 2018-19. These rates include cable, utilities, and access to free laundry facilities. More about amenities.

Traditional Housing: Kistler, Thomas, Dilworth, and Heinz Halls

Primarily first-year student housing*

Room Type  Semester Room Rate Per Resident
Single Occupancy $5,000
Standard Double or Triple Occupancy $4,500
Overbooked Triple or Quint Occupancy** $3,800

* There is a limited availability for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
** Overbooked triples are standard double occupancy rooms with a third resident added. Quints are extra-large rooms that accommodate five students.

Grey Towers Castle

First-year students only

Room Type  Semester Room Rate Per Resident
Standard Room* $4,500

* Standard Castle Rooms accommodate 2-7 students. Occupancy of each room is based upon square footage.

Suite-Style Housing: Knight Hall

Room Type  Semester Room Rate Per Resident
Single Occupancy $5,500
Standard Double or Triple Occupancy $4,900

Apartment-Style Housing: Oak Summit

Upperclassmen only

Unit Type  Semester Room Rate Per Resident
Maple - 2 Bedroom Apartment (4 person)  
  Standard Bedroom (double occupancy) $5,000
  Master Bedroom (double occupancy) $5,300
Willow - 1 Bedroom Apartment (3 person) $4,500
Birch* - 2 Bedroom Staff Apartment (4 person)
  Master Bedroom (triple occupancy)
Cedar - 1 Bedroom Apartment (2 person)      $5,300
Aspen - 1 Bedroom Apartment (1 person) $6,500
Walnut - 3 Bedroom Apartment (4 person)  
  Single Bedroom A or B $5,700
  Master Bedroom (double occupancy) $5,300

* Birch units are student staff apartments. The student staff member resides in the standard bedroom and remaining students reside in the master bedroom.

Summer Housing in Knight Hall

Room Type  Session One or Two Sessions One and Two
Single Occupancy $560 $1,120
Standard Double or Triple Occupancy $500 $1,000

Summer Housing is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. The Online Housing Portal will be open for Summer Housing applications starting in April. To be eligible for summer housing, undergraduate students must be enrolled in a course at the Glenside campus (not online), or working in a campus office at least 30 hours per week. Students must adhere to the University Code of Conduct and housing schedules set by Residence and Commuter Life. Students may need to vacate housing or move to transitional housing upon request. These dates and processes will be advertised well in advance. Questions about summer housing can be directed to housing@arcadia.edu.