Black Male Development Symposium at Arcadia Explores How to Build Stronger Communities, May 13

By Caitlin Burns | May 9, 2017

BMDS Advisory Committee

The 2017 Black Male Development Symposium (BMDS) will be a life-changing experience and conversation with members of the black male community as they strive to examine, explore, dissect, articulate and most importantly develop strategies that will eradicate the inter-generational challenges experienced by young and older black males alike on Saturday, May 13 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

This year’s theme, “Freedom Now: At What Cost?” will address how our community of black men, intergenerationally, can assist one another in thinking and re-evaluating where they are as men, co-workers, lovers, husbands, fathers, brothers and sons in a healthy and developmental manner.

Attendees can participate in more than 35 workshops and presentations that were selected from applicants across the country, a Literary Pavilion with nationally renowned authors, and real talk in the barbershop with E’s BarberShop Talk, named after Philadelphia radio icon and BMDS supporter E. Steven Collins.

A Middle School Institute will be available with workshops that address the needs of sixth- through eighth-grade students and their families. These workshops are designed to offer programming and intervention strategies that are psychologically and cognitively appropriate for middle school students.

BMDS serves as a place for finding models of solution and not just a forum for pontification or “drive-by-conversation.” The Symposium becomes a place for transformative action and communication where young men, older men, and women can share intellectual, emotional, spiritual and cultural opportunities for growth and development that will improve the quality of live for black males, their families and their communities.

Dr. Doreen Loury, assistant professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice at Arcadia University and BMDS founder and chair, and other members of BMDS received a citation from The Mayor’s Office of Philadelphia for the decade of work that the has accomplished on May 8.

This event will be held on Arcadia University’s campus, and is open to the public. For more information on the symposium or to purchase tickets, go to the BMDS website, or call 215-572-8510.