Student Handbook

Common Areas

Revised August 17, 2020

Each residence hall offers students spaces to gather, cook, or study. These spaces are referred to as common areas. Examples of common areas are lounges, hallways, and bathrooms. In apartment and suite-style residence halls, there are additional common areas like living rooms and bathrooms contained within an apartment or suite. Additionally, patios, balconies, enclosed breezeways, and courtyards in Oak Summit are considered common areas.

Amenities available in a given common area vary among residence halls. University-provided common area furniture and microwave ovens in lounges and common areas are for the use of all residents. Furniture may not be taken into your room. There is a $100 fine for private use of common area furniture. When direct responsibility cannot be determined for damage to common areas, lounges, hallways, bathrooms, etc., the cost of the repair and replacement of damaged items is shared on a prorated basis by all students living in and using these areas.