Student Handbook

University Consequences for Alcohol and Other Drug Policy Violation

Revised August 23, 2019

All members of the University community and all University organizations are expected to comply with applicable local, state and federal laws regarding the possession, use or sale of alcohol or other drugs, whether on or off-campus, and are expected to comply with all University regulations regarding alcohol and other drug possession or use. Individuals and organizations who violate University policy are subject to the conduct process which may result in sanctioning. 

Sanctioning for violations of University policies may be educational, restorative, or punitive in nature. Potential sanctions include warnings, fines, restrictions, denial of privileges to campus facilities or events, etc.  Sanctions imposed by the Judicial Board for violation of the Code of Conduct or University policies may include suspension or expulsion.The conduct process includes administrative actions and judicial board actions when appropriate.

For a list of minimum potential sanctions for Alcohol and other Drug Policy violations available to hearing officers and/or the Judicial Board, please see Suggested Minimum Sanctions for Alcohol and other Drug Policy Violations

Along with disciplinary consequences, the University is committed to providing resources and education as appropriate to assist members of the community.