Student Handbook

Violations of the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

Revised August 23, 2019

Please note: Violations are accrued over a student’s career at the University. A student who violates University policy or the law will be subject to University disciplinary actions and may be subject to criminal prosecution. Ignorance of the law or policy is not an excuse for any violations.

Violations of the Alcohol and Other Drug policy include:

  1. The possession, consumption, purchase, attempt to purchase, or transportation of alcohol by anyone under 21 years of age.
  2. The furnishing of any alcoholic beverage to those under 21 years of age.
  3. The sale, possession, production, purchase, use, or being under the influence of any illegal drugs on University premises, at University-sponsored activities, or the possession of paraphernalia that can be used with illegal drugs.
  4. The possession or consumption of medical marijuana or CBD products.
  5. Regardless of age, the reckless use of alcohol resulting in disorderly, intoxicated, or offensive behavior.
  6. The consumption of alcohol in public places or buildings on University grounds. A public place is defined as all space other than individual rooms, suites, apartments, or private offices.
  7. The distribution of alcohol at a University sponsored event without following the appropriate notification procedures through the Student Affairs Office.
  8. Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  9. The possession or use of grain alcohol, beer kegs or beer balls on property owned or operated by the University including residence halls or at any campus events for which alcohol has not been approved.
  10. The participation in, or sponsorship of, activities which cause rapid intake of alcohol including drinking games, use of funnels, possession of paraphernalia that supports these activities including beer pong tables, funnels, etc. and securing party buses or other high occupancy vehicles to transport students to events at locations whose primary purpose is to serve alcohol.
  11. Any display of empty alcohol containers by students under the age of 21 or the public display of empty alcohol containers by students aged 21 or over.
  12. Coercing another to drink or to use illegal drugs.
  13. Becoming injured or in need of medical care due to excessive drinking or other drug use.
  14. The witnessing of policy violations.

Note: Students who are in a situation in which laws or policies are being violated may receive a warning or a sanction from a hearing officer depending on circumstances. Students in these situations should make good decisions regarding their continued participation in any activity in which laws or policies are being violated.