From Burma to Arcadia: Student Enjoys Faculty, Campus Clubs, Sightseeing

By Purnell T. Cropper | February 16, 2010

Elementary Education major May Thair Aye ’12 wanted to attend college in the United States so that she could experience American culture.  She knew she’d benefit from Arcadia University’s small campus and the personal attention from faculty.

“I like the fact that the U.S. has people from many different nationalities living in one place,” she says. “I like to travel around with my friends and go up to Boston, New York or even into Philly for sightseeing or to get some authentic Burmese and Thai food.

Originally from Burma, Aye attended middle and high school in Thailand. It was in high school that she first heard of Arcadia. “All of us seniors were looking up universities that would fit our lifestyles and majors in the States and elsewhere,” she says. “Arcadia was one of my top choices and became my first priority because I heard about its small campus. I am the type of student that looks for extra help from my professors if needed, and at Arcadia it is easy for me to contact my professors if I have questions.”

Aye also is enjoying student life at Arcadia. She serves as the secretary for both the American International Folk Dancing Club and A.S.I.A. (Asian Students in America). “Putting together events is always challenging, but I like to do this with my fellow classmates because when we all work together it comes out to be a good event in the end,” she says.

While she misses her family and Thailand’s beaches, she appreciates the opportunities she has at Arcadia. “This is why I came to study in the States—to seek new opportunities and experiences.”