Reale Publishes Chapbook called ‘Natural Habitat’

By Purnell T. Cropper | April 9, 2010

Michelle Reale, ’96 , ’99M, Manager of Circulation Services in Landman Library, published a fiction chapbook called “Natural Habitat” online at Burning River. She is doing readings in Ohio and Pittsburgh this month.

“A few years ago I saw a New Yorker cartoon that hit such a chord with me. It was two fish, swimming in the sea. The one says to the other, ‘Even in water, I don’t feel like myself.’ That was something I could relate to,” begins Reale’s chapbook.

“The whole of my life I have been interested in who we are as individuals and the world at large. Who belongs? Who doesn’t? How much of that is just a creation of our own minds? Where is our true home?” Read her chapbook.