London or Scotland—Which Magazine Did You Receive?

By Purnell T. Cropper | August 17, 2010

You may have noticed that the fall 2010 issue of Arcadia, which arrived this week, features two different covers—one featuring students in London and one of students in Scotland. Why?  The two different photos are a testament to the breadth of Arcadia’s First Year Study Abroad Experience (FYSAE), which is highlighted in this issue’s main feature story.

The article talks about how Arcadia developed a new concept seven years ago—freshmen studying abroad for their first college semester. Now more than 10 percent of Arcadia freshmen spend an entire semester abroad in London or Scotland through FYSAE.

Michelle Tooker ’07, the feature writer on the cover story, was part of the first group of freshmen to spend a semester in London. As she traveled back to London and Stirling, Scotland, this spring, she found that the awe and joy of studying abroad continues to enrich Arcadia students’ learning experiences.

Click here to read the story, and the online version of the magazine.