Batchelor Among Those Who Inspired ‘Daily Painter’

By Purnell T. Cropper | September 21, 2010

“In their own words, Daily Paintworks is ‘an online gallery featuring twelve of the finest daily painters in the world, all with a common passion for creating art,’” writes Martyn Chamberlin at the Artists Discuss website. “The relatively new concept of daily painting enables artists to learn much faster, with a lively, alla prima approach. As an artist once said, ‘If you paint small, you will come across more problems than painting fewer large paintings.’ The characteristically smaller works of daily painters allows them to explore much more subject matter while overcoming the challenges each one brings.”

Chamberlin’s interviewees include Abbey Ryan ’03, an Arcadia University alum and Adjunct Professor of Art.

His first question of the series: What teachers/mentors have you studied with?

“My greatest mentor is my mom, painter Liz Ryan. As for schooling, I went to Arcadia University and studied painting with Betsey Batchelor,” says Ryan. “I studied painting with David Leffel at the Art Students League of NY. After college, I took a workshop with Charles Sovek. In graduate school at Hunter College, I studied painting with Gabriele Evertz, Creighton Michael, Robert Swain, and Lisa Corinne Davis, among many other great artists.” Read more.