Wagoner Published in Journal of Financial Professionals

By whitlocd | January 19, 2011

Joel Wagoner, Assistant Professor of Accounting, published “Financial Information and Rational Irrationality” in the Jan. 1 Journal of Financial Service Professionals.  In his abstract Wagoner writes:  “The Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board are scheduled to release a joint exposure draft proposing significant changes to how businesses present their financial statements. Two major objectives of the proposed financial states are ‘disaggregation’ and ‘cohesiveness.’ Disaggregation means, simply, that information on the financial statements will be broken into more detail than is currently done. Cohesiveness means that financial information will be presented so that a reader will be able to relate specific revenue or expenses on the income statement to specific assets or liabilities on the balance sheet and to specific cash flows on the statement of cash flows.”