Bardsley Displays Giant Ceramic Work of Art

By schwartzsa | May 10, 2011

Jamie Bardsley ’05 was featured in La Prensa for her unique, large-scale, yet fleeting, ceramic installation. She recently displayed her master’s thesis at the Bowling Green State University Willard Wankelmen Gallery in Ohio. Spanning the width and length of a room the design “is meant to evoke water droplets at the moment they strike the ground and are briefly suspended before dispersing.”

Made of unglazed, fired porcelain of subtly varying shades of cream and pale taupe, the “folds” have the delicate appearance of a wasp’s nest tubes. Though they appear joined, the pieces are carefully set in place and can be reconfigured endlessly. “Palm Prints,” which took about three days to assemble, is only the latest of many incarnations, Bardsley said.

After all that, isn’t she loath to take it apart? The answer is an emphatic no. “In fact, the hard part comes about three-quarters of the way through, when I am already envisioning the next piece and it’s hard to make myself finish this one,” she said.

Photo courtesy La Prensa.